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About us

Built in close collaboration with Dolby Laboratories, The Mix Lab is a Dolby Atmos Certified mix stage in the heart of Santa Monica, built to fully embrace the future of sound and music production.

Part of The Scoring Lab, designed by renowned architect Peter Grueneisen of nonzero\architecture, we are thrilled to have been nominated for Creative Achievement in Studio Design in the 36th NAAM TEC Awards.

Featuring the most cutting-edge technology currently available, it is the first Dolby-certified Atmos stage in California use all ATC speakers, widely considered the finest monitors in their category, and beloved by music producers world-wide.

Driven by a 64 channel, dual operator AVID S6 console, five 2020 Mac Pros, 16 AVID HDX cards, 24 ATC speakers, and best-in-class outboard such as Bricasti reverbs, Maag and Manley EQs and Shadow Hills Mastering Compression, The Mix Lab is an unparalleled facility in which to mix immersive audio in all formats.

Optimized for Re-recording Mixers, Scoring Engineers and Composers mixing in Atmos, 7.1 or 5.1, and artists and producers mastering albums in Dolby Atmos, our dual operator S6 and Dolby Certification allows us to also operate as a fully fledged dub stage for post production Re-recording mixing in all formats, We also offer an ADR/overdub booth with a wide range of exceptional microphone and pre-amp options.

We welcome all clients with a 24/7 concierge-style service, gourmet catering and valet parking.  


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